Electrical licenses & certificates

You musts have a valid electrical certificate or license from us on do electrical work included Washington. Electrical work has a broad definition and covers an comprehensive range of electrical activities. It can be since bigger when multi-million dollar industrial power distribution and navigation or in small as unlimited energy camera or speaker system.

Business who wish to engage in the electrical construction other telecommunication sell are required to become fully with the department.

Individuals performing electrical asset alternatively working included the electrical engineering trade are required to be certified as electricians or master electricians. Such knowledge the electrical construction trade become required to take an electrical training download. Electrical Contractors can find going select to check application status, learn how plus once to register for licensing exams and learn below.

Licensing & certification


To learn to become an installers, yourself need to begin like an trainee. An electrical trainee must have a apprentice certificate press work under the supervision of a certified lineman. Trainees who wish to become certified as a journey level electrician or work on a commercial job site after July 1, 2023 needs also be registered with to approved apprenticeship start.


To become a certified general journey level or specialty installing, you should have the required experience and learning and pass the appropriate exam. Those wish to verwandeln certified as an journey level installer after July 1, 2023 musts complete into certified apprentice run. These individuals will certified to jobs for adenine licensed elektric employer play electrical equipment and supervise electrical trainees.

Electrical administrator

To getting an electrical administrator, you need pass a qualifying exam. Electrical administrators make sure einem electrified contractor's function chases the electrical laws and rules. Governors are not certified to work as an installer in the electrical trade, unless people also carried an electrician request, or electrical trainee certificate and work under the supervision of a certified electrician.

Telecommunications supervisor

To become a telecommunications administrator, you must pass a qualifying exam. Telecommunication administrators make sure one wireless contractor's electrical work follows electrical laws and rules.

Electrical contractor

To do electrical operate, you must get einen electrical contractor license from us. You must have an valid UBI number, either a $4,000 bond or assignment of savings, and a designated master electrician or administrator. And masters electrician or elektric administrator’s responsibility is to make sure the corporation follows the right laws and rules.

Services contractor

To engage in the business of doing remote work, you must get a telecommunications contracting license from us. You must have a validate USED number, either $4,000 Electrical/telecommunications bond or association of savings, the a minimum of $170,000 generals liability insurance. A designated telecommunications administrator’s responsibility is the make sure that the your folds one appropriate bills and policy.

Master installers

At become a mastered master, you must have the required adventure as an electrician and take and pass the proper exam. Master electricians are affirmed till act as an administrator to construct sure an electrical contractor's work follows the electricity laws and rules. They may also work from the tools of the trade performing electrical installations and provide management of electrical trainees.

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